SaaS PPC Agency

Maximize the potential of every click.
Eliminate wasteful ad spending.

Launch PPC ads that qualified leads are ready to see and eager to click wherever they are in your sales funnel.

Pay-per-click spending decreased by 20% and conversion rate increased by 4% immediately after signing Directive Consulting.

Data-Driven Approach

See fast results that only get better.

Intelligent Targeting

Show up for the right audience.


Get the most leads at the lowest cost.

Integrated Marketing

Have every channel working together.


Go from counting clicks against your budget to counting sales towards your revenue.

Gain higher-quality leads in larger volumes without the bidding war.

Directive's strategic approach to PPC is designed for scalable ROI in the most competitive software spaces.

Here’s what our approach to PPC did for

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“Everything is going up.
We’re tracking a whole slew of metrics, and they’re almost all up because of Directive’s work. We were getting results I could brag about within 60 days.

Shaun Black

Director of Global Marketing
Increase in conversions
Decrease in Adwords CPA
Increase in monthly paid leads

Find the winning angle for your PPC ads without the guesswork.

Turn data into dollars
Your paid ad strategy is the result of comprehensive research into your competitor campaigns, market behavior, and sales cycle.

Get advanced keyword research and targeting strategies.

Target the right people and get high-intent clicks.
We use techniques such as single keyword ad groups (SKAGs), smart broad campaigns, negative keyword additions, and n-gram analysis to expand your markets while reducing ad spend.

Maximize your SQLs with competitive bidding techniques.

Spend every ad dollar strategically.
Instead of adhering to CPC, we explore advanced bidding techniques like targeted CPA to find the most effective and efficient method of achieving your goals.

Launch full-funnel campaigns with integrated marketing strategies.

Capture every possible opportunity.
We create campaigns centered around your big-picture business goals by combining PPC with display ads, retargeting, CRO, and landing page optimization.

PPC campaigns don't have to
feel like a gamble.