Meta Keywords

What are Meta Keywords?

Meta keywords are a type of meta tag that appears in the HTML code of a webpage. These keywords can help tell search engines such as Google what the topic of a page is, allowing the engine to return the most accurate results after a search query has been entered.

Meta keywords differ from regular keywords mainly because they are hidden or considered “behind the scenes” in the source code of the page. So, rather than having live, visible keywords like you would in a piece of content, meta keyword appear in the code of the page, which is only visible to those who have access to or create code, like web designers.

When it comes to meta keywords, one of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting them is that you must be sure each keyword reflects the content of your webpages accurately.

This means that if your site is all about products, services, and software that support e-commerce best practices, you shouldn’t have any keywords that talk about pet supplies or parenting. In other words, keep your keywords and meta keywords relevant for best results.

It is important to note that relevant meta keywords can go a long way even if they’re wholly behind the scenes. While they aren’t front and center, customers and Internet users who google those exact terms or items are far more likely to not only have your site pop up but to click through it. Once they’ve landed, you have a good chance of turning converting this lead.

How Do Meta Keywords Relate to SEO?

Compared to regular keywords, meta keywords aren’t considered big components of SEO strategy. In fact, most search engines don’t weigh meta keywords high when it comes to their ranking algorithm, mainly because of understanding of black hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing.

These practices have saturated the meta keyword field, bloating previous algorithms, thus pushing algorithms to change. Still, this doesn’t mean that meta keywords are not a helpful part of SEO.

In addition to regular keywords, they play an important part in communicating your webpage’s message and attracting searchers to your site specifically. When it comes to the world of online business and digital marketing, you’re in a competitive environment. Keeping this in mind, meta keywords may give you an edge over your competition in search engine optimization.

Why are Meta Keywords Important?

Meta keywords can be important because of the little boost they give your site in a search engine. Unfortunately, meta keywords were more likely to help you rank in the earlier days of the Internet and technology.

Search engines’ algorithms are so complex that they can collect more information from your website than ever before. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that meta keywords are actually a little out of date. They can be useful, yes, but are the needed?

To offer some perspective, most search engines like Google and others no longer look for meta keywords because they don’t need to be told which keywords should rank. Due to the complexity of most modern search engines, they can learn which keywords you should rank on their own.

In fact, search engines are so advanced now that they can actually identify keywords that you weren’t even aware of. When this happens, you may find your site ranking even higher than you had planned, which is why keyword research and strategy is so important.

Should You Use Meta Keywords?

What are meta keywords used for, why are they important, and should you use them?

Letting Google and other search engines know exactly what keyword your webpage is targeting seems like a good idea. Recent studies by Screaming Frog and other search engines analytics companies have revealed that this may have no impact at all.

Regardless of what the studies say, it is important to understand the benefits of targeting certain keywords on each individual webpage. Keyword targeting is the basis for all successful SEO strategies, and proper implementation leads to high rankings, high traffic, and high conversions.

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